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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leave Behind

Comparing feelings through it all
Brought upon by challenges unsolved
Retracing steps to understand
Changes that could not be made
Trying to restore all thoughts
To regain composure and control
Mind over matter just might work
Learning to cope with all this hurt
Knowing that the love must go
Emotions are harder to leave behind

*March 1996*
Tous ceux qui l'ont vécus,
le savent déjà et ne seront confus.
Tous ceux qui ne le savent déjà,
seront confus jusqu'à ce qu'ils l'auront vécus.

*Février 1996*

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bouleversé en confusion

Toutes émotions bouleversées dans cette confusion
Aucune chance de remettre ce qu'il y avait dans le passé
Mon opinion se fera jamais entendus sauf lorsque
j'y mettrai l'effort de me faire entendre
Toutes choses qui m'est si précieux ne vaux
rien sans en avoir lieu
Pris pour acquis, je comprends
Mais personne peut respecter ma discretion
de vouloir mon silence et ma paix
Retourner en arrière, c'est impossible
de changer ce qui est le passé
Prenez garde et évitez tous
blocages de pensés

*Février 1996*

Sunday, January 27, 2008


No more tears
without our fears
Where we shall hear
All who are near

*February 1996*
tortured souls and minds cannot
describe pains that subside within the
hearts of fragile children playing
isolated from all harm brought
upon by evil souls that make us wary
of things foretold by those insightful
of such matters complicating life in
ways that make differences seem
so alike without clarifying subjects
that are forbidden by a simple
touch from deep within completing
tasks that fought to come out
saying words that hurt so much
creating unforgettable sorrows leaving
imprints within minds untouched and
unchanged even when brought
the chance to change past

*February 1996*


Courage found in ones dream
Can be broken off at the seam
Truths forgotten what they mean
Unforgotten is this pain
Dark clouds filled with rain
Complete sadness of one's slain
Broken hearts brought to shame
Can be so fragile never tame
Always spoken with such pain

*February 1996*


Love is known to some
but few
Respecting something quite
so true
Keeping all as once
we knew
Sorrows lost reaching out
for you

*February 1996*


Feeling better
By being there
Shows how much
You really care
Special smiles
Without fear
All's forgotten
When you're near

*February 1996*

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Forced upon this gentle parcel
All memories of this one hassle
Forced to stay and hear
All memories of that one year
Forced upon this innocent soul
All memories of lost control
Forced not to speak that night
All memories concealed in fright
Forced to keep eternal silence
All memories of awful violence
Forced silence to tease and taunt
All memories that come to haunt
Forced pain, sorrow and agony
All memories of uncaught felony

*January 1996*

Fallen Roots
Bulkley Valley, BC
July 2005


Indecisive, we aren't free
Caught, between one, two, three
Mixed, feelings locked inside
Truths, unsaid that may hide
Blue, skies turn to gray
Unknowing, nights throughout the day

*January 1995*


Manipulating, is how they really are
Opening wounds that never mend
Tearing at everything that can scar
Is grieving hearts that try and defend

*December 1995*


What lies within is what should matter
Not how you look or how you dress
The way you feel about yourself
Can help with esteem and self-production
Comforts reassure you with tender care
When you're down knowing someone's near
Whom can confront fears that subside
Hiding feelings holding everything 'till the end
Exploding with exertion, frustration and enger
Knowing nothing more than self-destruction

*November 1995*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Words can hurt so much
Yet, are soon comforted be your touch
Words you've used are so mean
Yet, their truths seem so obscene
Words were meant to deceive
Yet, contradict what people perceive

*November 1995*

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wishing I Could

Wishing I could see your eyes
Underneath the stars at night
Wanting to hold you by my side

Wishing I could see your smile
As we walked only for a while
Keeping you close to only me

Wishing I could see your face
Over this sweet embrace
Caressing you for eternity

Wishing I could be with you
Deciding what we should do
Risking to keep the dream that's true

*October 1995*


Seize the moments, they don't last forever
Grasp the options, they won't be there long
Snatch the chances before they disappear
Take a risk before all hope dissolves
Many moments are taken for granted
Chances come but, only for a while
All options are your decisions
Risking it all to fulfill your dreams

*October 1995*
RE-entering, out of the blue, out of nowhere
Wanting, but, what? Don't know!
Asking, pleading, wondering, feeling
Emotions, re-entering mind, body & soul

*October 1995*

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Darkness fills this empty soul
Without boundaries it's uncontrolled
Judgements brought upon things they wear
Staring with a cold and icy glare

*September 1995*


Souriant tu démontre le bonheur
Avec la puretée de ton coeur
Souriant tu démontre la sagesse
Avec toutes confiances qui paraissent
Souriant tu démontre la patience
Avec courage et plein de confiance
Souriant tu démontre l'amitié à l'infini
Avec toutes convictions d'un bon ami
Souriant tu démontre la justice
Avec le nom que tu portes, Patrice

*Septembre 1995*

Sliding Fun
Babine Lake, BC
December 2007

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ceux qui...

Plein de vie et d'émotion
Sont ceux qui se débrouillent avec conviction
Très honnête et beaucoup de patience
Sont ceux qui obtiendront tout excellence
Avec difficulté parvenant tous obstacles
Sont ceux qui...

*Septembre 1995*


Emotions, avec tendresses
Sont tous ces mots qui vous pressent
Subdivisés, sans l'savoir
Dévoués, il faut l'vouloir
Poursuivit, dans la noirceur
Tous amours qui tombent du coeur
Malhonnête, y'ont pas de chance
Vivre, entouré de cette ignorance

*Septembre 1995*

Unanimité d'infini

Etre un bon ami... Dans l'inanimité d'infini
Chances avec tout pardons... Près d'unanimité du son
Sourires avec confiances... Unaniment soutenus d'alliances

*Septembre 1995*

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mustard Truck

Cruising around in my mustard truck
'Round town, looking seeking, fro a place to hide
Where to go, wondering where this'll take me
Escaping in the midsts of the world, every day

Cruising around in this mustard truck
Fleeing all troubles from within to find true peace

Cruising the town in this mustard truck
True freedom, leading where I'm truly going
Power, this feeling that grows from inside
Miles away from all these worries that overtake me

Cruising the town in this mustard truck
People know it's me from miles around

Cruising again in this mustard truck
Night or day, indifferent is how I am
Keeping track of paths that pass me by
Seeing all the beauty as never seen through these eyes before

Cruising again in this mustard truck
Convinced, discovering all that was not possible nor there

Cruising silence in this mustard truck
Caring if only for a while, nothing special on my mind
These sites are for no-one else 'cept me
Lonely highways longer than the eye can see

Cruising, silent in my mustard truck
Worryless is how I am, enjoying life while I still can

*August 1995*
What you feel in the present reflects what you've done in the past and, also, what you'll become in the future!



Things misunderstood for what they are
Can be wounded and left with a scar
Misinterpreted gestures are made unseen
Of all the hopes of a single dream
Keeping things locked up inside
Of all the truths that want to hide
Simple words are hard to say
She wishes that they could stay
Nowhere to turn she fled
With troubling things left within her head
Seeing things that would make haste
A good mind that goes to waste
Paying dearly for her sin
Undying love from within
Paining feelings trouble her heart so much
Longing for this one and only touch
Out of happiness and all for lack of love
She hopes to be free as a dove
Knowing nothing more or any less 'til then
Will she stay in the darkness of the den
This spirit was meant to defend
What broken hearts shall mend


Monday, January 14, 2008


Deceiving words broke her heart
Tears wanting to start
Foolish was in what was said
Left an impression within her head
Alone she felt in a corner
Made her think and wonder
Hatred wants to come out
Yet she lets herself not shout
Emotions locked up inside
What a perfect place to hide
Her smile is left bitter and cold
As the true story did unfold

Smiles never shone so bright
As now you are the light
Sweet you are with words
That are usually left unheard
Thoughts are spoken from your mind
Will never be left behind


Seeking Truths

Through all the misery and sorrow
We have to think of a brighter tomorrow
Clouds seem to hide the sun
Thinking they have truly won
Keeping secrets never to be told
Their worth is greater than any gold
A thing taken for granted is beauty
Knowing not what makes it our duty
Drawing nearer to this darkness
Seeking the truths we must confess
Hidden fears locked up inside
Unloving tears that have died
Bluest skies turn to grey
Unstopped fighting to this day
Unhappy thoughts from the heart
Kept deep within since the start



My life is dark and empty
meaningless and continues for no reason
It's a wave that no-one sees
It's the year going through lonely seasons

Friends I once knew to be very near
Have grown apart and left me
All the memories I hold very dear
I can no longer bear to see

No-one told me it would be like this
No-one even seemed to care
Sadness came and stole a kiss
with a cold and icy glare

The shadows closing in on me
cornering me till I feel small
The screams of pain and agony
unbearable through it all

Depression overcomes my soul
with deep and dark despair
No time to overcome my goal
No time to even care

Alone and in the way
is how I feel inside
They smile and tell me to stay
Not noticing the tears I cried

The feeling that no-one cared
rushed upon me like a misty night
I was no longer scared
I felt the time was right

My life was coming to an end
No-one would ever understand
how I felt deep within

When soon I'm dead and gone
They'll regret what they had done
When comes the light of dawn
For once I will have won

What I did I can not undo
The choice was only mine
When sadness completely possesses you
It's only a matter of time


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sad Heart

Sadness overcame her heart
For she knew they had to part
Tears streaking down her face
Of memories from this joyous place
Feelings of always wanting more
She knew not what was in store
Fearing all that is unknown
Finding out what she'd known
Silence overcame her soul
Wanting to regain control
Torn between her true emotions
Fearing all but true devotions
Unkept promises to this day
Knowing not what to say
Wanting compassion and some trust
Truly seeing that it must
Sadness overcame her heart
For she knew they had to part


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smithers BC
December 2007


D'une distance elle le voit
Et elle retrace tous ses pas
Il est si beau elle se dit
Spécialement loqrsqu'il sourrit
Ses yeaux sont si beaux
Et aussi sa douce peau
Il est parfait dans sa manière
Tout semble être tellement claire
Assise très silencieusement
Sans montrer ses sentiments
Ses bras ouvert pleine d'amour
Viendra-t-il à son tour
Elle vie dans la tristesse
Et a besoin de la tendresse
Ses peurs sont toujours là
Elle ne les montre pas
Seule dans son petit coin
Elle le regarde de loin
Malcomprise elle s'enferme
Elle ressent beaucoup de peine
Ses yeux remplissent de larmes
Elle ne veut plus garder son calme
Il lui donne un beau sourrire
Ca lui fait beaucoup de plaisir
Elle voit toutes ses passions
Lorsqu'il joue cette chanson
Ils se rencontrent face à face
Et elle fige sur place
Son coeur bat plus fort
Elle veut avoir son corp
Elle retrouve son bonheur
Lorsqu'il lui offre une seule fleur
Il lui demande gentillement
Elle l'écoute patientement
Tout ceci est-ce vraie
Son coeur ressent sa paix
Seule elle nesera plus
Car elle l'a tant voulu
Sous son bras elle est bien
Elle sait qu'il est le sien
Bouleversés sont ses émotions
Il recevera tout son attention
Elle le traitait avec ignorance
Elle pensait pas avoir une chance
Ressentant plus le malheur
Elle a seulement le bonheur
Il a une manière avec ses mots
Lorsqu'il lui offre un petit cadeau
Elle est tellemtn contente finalement
Et ne peut pas décrire comment elle se sent
Ses yeux remplissent d'eau
Par la beauté de ses mots
Ce jour restera dans sa mémoire
Jusqu'à ce qu'ils se disent aurevoir



Untouched souls want to mend
What broken hearts shall defend


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


All the lies that have been said
have left an imprint in my head
All the secrets that have been told
have been said to another, uncontrolled
All the rumors that have been heard
have created lies with exaggerated word
All the agony that has been lived
has been left to die, forgiven
All the sadness that has been expressed
has been shut out and laid to rest
All the pain that has been felt
has been created or unfelt
All the sorrows that aren't meant to see
have been expressed for all but me


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Love is true if only kept,
Only then shall they accept!


Caused By Disbelief

Darkness overcame this happy soul
Losing almost all her control
Keeping everything locked up inside
All her emotions no longer want to hide
Creeping shadows not wanting to part
Knowing not how or when to start
Nothing ever seems to make sense
Maybe that's why she's so tense
Sadness seems to fill her days
Not losing one minute of this craze
Lonely she lives with all fear
Drawing away from all who are near
Seeing nothing more than grief
All this caused by disbelief
Such unhappiness in her life
Wanting to stop all this strife
Pain and sorrow are all she knows
This fleeting feeling never goes


Monday, January 7, 2008

Wouldn't Be Bought

Pain and sorrow in her mind
Nothing's ever very kind
Misery overtook her soul
Now she dwells in a deep hole
Wanting to break through the walls
As she walks down the halls
Can't even hold her fear
She's afraid that they'll hear
Troubles left and right
She'll stand up and fight
Looking for a friend
Will the shouting ever end
Her feelings locked up inside
They can no longer hide
Crying inside day and night
She isn't a pretty sight
Violence is the only way
For those people to pay
Yet, her heart knows the pain
And people think she's insane
Thinking of things they once said
Terrible memories stay in her head
Afraid of what people thought
Her soul wouldn't be bought



Blocked out memories brought to mind
Unending agony that was so unkind
Depression filled all life's happiness
Unseen gestures made in darkness



True friends'll never part
Keep 'em close to your heart

No matter what you fear
I'm always very near

Knowing that you really care
I'll always be right there

Suns never shone so bright
For you've shown me light

Nothing compares to you
Except our friendship that grew

Memories we have from the past
From our friendship that'll always last


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Little sister

Brothers, sisters protecting me
So alone I shall be
Tough enough, they think not
Little sister's what they got


Through My Day

Sometimes I see it my way
yet, no time is the right time
to say how I'm feeling
Speak out and know that
someday that right guy is
taken with you this day
All that I'm feeling can
explain what I'm saying
to you through my day


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008


All my hopes and all my dreams
Have broken off at the seems
Nothing new and nothing old
Can make it beautifully bold



Bonbons, chocolats et des suçons
Des éléments qui font partie d'une tradition
Fantomes, sorcières et des vampires
Des costumes qui font nos jeunes sourires

Soirée noire, de superstition et de magie
Des bruits étrangent accompanés de chauves-souris

Chats noires, citrouilles coupées et pleine lune
Des prudences prises par chacun et chacune
Fin d'otobre, pour une seule soirée
Des occasions déguisées qu'une foie par année


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wonderfully You

You make me feel so beautiful
The way you say my name
No-one can ever smile the way you do
It brightens the day as much as the sun shines
Because you are wonderfully you

Your laughter, your smile and tears fall
I'll be here forever to calm you down
Wiping your tears and fears aside
Because you are wonderfully you

You bring me much happiness
I'll forget not to smile
My feelings grow stronger when you're around
Times passes everlastingly true
Because you are wonderfully you
You are wonderfully you


Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Pris sans confiances et dans tout conflit
Entendant méchancetés lorsqu'ils rient
J'entends leurs mots et la moquerie dans les voix
Ils se moquent, se moquent constamment de moi
Courage j'en ai plus
Pourquoi ai-je l'air tant déçue
Dirigée par des gens dominants
Impossible les maudits tannats
Coeur brisée en mille morceaus
Pris pour jour...


To Hide my Face

Tranquility surrounds this place
Where I go to hide my face
Inner peace I must find
All troubles swept behind
Emotions locked up inside
There is nowhere to hide
Beauty is this wondrous place
Where I go to hide my face


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Never to be Caught

Portraits of smiles and beauty
Compare not to what I've got
For you are my one and only cutie
With a fighting spirit never to be caught


Into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes
I see through the depths of your soul
The secrets that were left untold
All your sadness is shown
Fears that were locked away
Enveloped in darkness of day


Easing Sorrow

Innocent in her way
Knowing not what to say
Alone she trembles with fear
Knowing what she would hear
Mirrors of horror frighten her
Free she'll be never
Misunderstood she is needing compassion
Wanting to throw herself in the ocean
Painful memories haunt her life
Thoughts stabbing like a knife
Her soul pure wild and free
Wondering if she'll ever be
Dawn arising in the night
Disturbs her in an eerie fright
Smiling to hide her pain
Wishing that it would rain
Looking out the window
Trying to ease this sorrow


Happy New Year

Just a simple greeting
On this New Years day
May hope and happiness reign
With gratefulness to say

Happy New Year to all my readers!