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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Intimidations made by those who can't
confide are only there to overcome things
that are hard. People seek the truth yet,
don't see because of the blindness that
lies within them. Blocking out new things or
experiences is brought by ignorance of those
who lack or fear things they don't understand.
Intimidation is nothing to those understanding
without ignorance.

*April 1996*

Monday, February 18, 2008


Solitude us a good place to visit
But a poor place to stay
Solitude is there to keep thoughts
But doesn't keep conversations
Solitude is kept best at night
But isn't kept well during days
Solitude is lonely without any words
But friends soon comfort solitude with words

*April 1996*
Life is intimidating to many or some yet, only intimidations are made by those who are uncomfortable with themselves.

*April 1996*

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Leaving all that I've known
Without choice to this decision
It was nothing I could stop
For things change with times that pass

Leaving all that I've known
Nothing else can appease the rage
That people don't accept the difference
Brought upon by love that left

Leaving all that I've known
Since I've grown up around this place
Memories lost in hope to forget
Past events that bring much sorrow

Leaving all that I've known
Tears flowing for losing what's mine
Present feelings bewildered by all
Who would think it'll be alright

Leaving all that I've known
Words used to soothe and comfort
Sadness is all that is felt
Yet, stronger will build mind and morals

Leaving all that I've known

*April 1996*

Front yard Hello
Smithers BC
March 2007


Walking by a dark, sombre road
Fearing all that is bestowed
Looking past all assumptions
Hurting for past deceptions
Thinking of feelings lost in grief
Carrying these thoughts with disbelief
Being nothing in ones eye
Passing chances going by
Torturing souls that get too near
Delighting urges that they should fear

*March 1996*