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Saturday, September 17, 2011

La belle roche magique bleue à Calèbe

"Maman! Maman!" s'écria Calèbe au milieu de la nuit.

Maman s'éveilla, alla dans la chambre et caressa Calèbe dans ses bras, "Qu'y as-t-il mon amour"

"J'ai rêvé que j'avais une roche magique!!!" entonna Calèbe tout excité.

"Une roche magique?" demanda maman.

"Oui! une belle roche magique bleue." expliqua Calèbe.

Que peut faire cette belle roche magique bleue?" demanda maman.

"Elle écoute mes secrets et les garde prêt d'elle. Elle a l'habiletée de me donner de la bonne énergie! Aussi, elle se récharge au soleil pour pouvoir m'aider le soir et m'emporter au pays des rêves."

"Ah oui!" exprima maman. "Ca me semble une merveilleuse roche!" Maman lui donna des bises et de grosses caresses. Calèbe se rendorma très vite pour pouvoir rêver de sa belle roche magique bleue.

Cette nuit là, maman s'est mise à chercher partout.

Dans le sous-sol.

Dans la cuisine.

Dans le garage.

"Mais ou dont est-ce que j'ai vu une telle roche?" se demanda-t-elle.

"Finalement!" Au plus profond de sa garde-robe, maman ouvra sa boite spéciale et trouva sa belle roche magique bleue d'enfance que sa mère lui avait donnée à l'âge de Calèbe. Elle souria et le lendemain...

Calèbe s'éveilla excité en criant de joie; "Maman! Maman! Ce n'était pas un rêve du tout! Regarde!" Calèbe montra la belle roche magique bleue qu'il a trouvé dessus son oreiller.

Maman le regarda, souria et dit; "Mais oui! Je vois c'est certainement une belle roche magique bleue. Elle savait tout juste le temps d'apparaitre pour toi."

15 septembre 2008

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Sunless Day

A sunless day cannot cloud

the image of you

I carry within my mind

A sunless day cannot cloud

the thoughts of you

I carry within my soul

A sunless day cannot cloud

the essence of you

I carry within my heart

A sunless day cannot cloud

Anything about you

So long as I have you

*July 2008*

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anxiously Waiting

Anxiously Waiting

Waiting to hear your laughter
Gives me joy and warmth inside
Heartbeats racing faster
Waiting for our worlds to collide

Anxiously Waiting

Blushing in anticipation
Warms me to the core
Peaked apparent attraction
Speechless and wanting more

Anxiously Waiting

Yearning for this serenity
Bringing adventure from within
Holding me captive, eternity
Anxiously waiting to begin

Anxiously Waiting

June 13, 2008

Sandcastle Building

August 1, 2011
Grindstone MB

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Kisses

Sweet kisses floating upon the air
Reaching my precious with tons to spare

Hearts a flutter and smiles a glow
Whispers so soothing makes it so

Extreme anticipation with delight
Held closely in gazing sight

Sweet kisses floating upon the air
Reaching my precious with tons to spare

Mysterious eyes locked in time
Knowing surely this one's mine

Waiting my soul is set ablaze
Only you can end this craze

Sweet kisses floating upon the air
Reaching my precious with tons to spare

June 15 2008

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Place I'd Rather Be

With these eyes that I see
There's no place I'd rather be

Then held close in your arms
Safely caressed and kept warm
I wanna stay in this moment forever
Lost in desire and bliss whenever

With these eyes that I see
There's no place I'd rather be

Hearing your laughter lights up my life
Protecting and shielding me from strife
All my life I've searched the whole world through
Finally knowing and finding out it was for you

With these eyes that I see
There's no place I'd rather be

June 2 2008

Monday, July 18, 2011

Je pense de toi

Je pense de toi
Tes mains enveloppent mon corps
Jusqu'à ce que l'orbe devient soir
La nuit illumine un silence

Je pense de toi
Tes mots s'écroulent dans mes pensés
Jusqu'à ce que le son ne puisse s'oublier
La challeur comforte une solitude

Je pense de toi
Ton esprit réveille mon essence
Jusqu'à ce que l'inspiration saisie plus
L'énergie surmonte toutes impasses

Je pense de toi
Je pense de toi
Je pense de toi

30 mai 2008

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Lost Angel

A budding cell growing from within
me; A heartbeat, a glance,
a wish, a hope, a miracle,
a life!

Within my womb my angel's
protected; Unknowing,
perfection, loving, abundant,

Wonderment of life a bewildered
mother to be; Joyous, fearful
smiling, crying, laughing,

Precious soul bestowed to health
and growth; Unique, Gifted
humbled, A grace within

A moment of disbelief this joy
was ended; so little,
so innocent, so tragic, so

A mother's turmoil of miscarriage
a burden within her soul; anger,
sadness, resentment, frustration,

Grateful I am for the moment
in my journey to have had
such a special

I grieved my lost angel and have
comfort in knowing; with time
the wounds will

I send you love my lost angel
in hopes you find serenity within
spirit and join the oneness
once more!

December 2, 2007

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Landed Beauty

Landed Beauty
Grindstone, MB
July 2, 2011

This photograph can be viewed and purchased at the following website:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Lover's Delight

A lover's delight which blooms
through storms and grows
strengthened within each others arms!

Their greatest power lies within
the yearning of their hearts as they
unite their souls as one in love!

Love, like a circle, has no
beginning and no end;
It lasts eternally and grows
fonder with the passing of time!

Time escapes not our lovers kiss
intertwined in loves true delight;
For the souls twin has met its match
and burns eternal with love!

September 2007

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Les anges

Les anges nous gardent
sain et sauf dans la nuit
Elles nous gardent, elles nous guident,
elles nous aiment toute nos vies

Les anges nous protègent
dans la noirceur du malheur
Elles sont là pour nous et illuminent
la profondeur de nos coeurs

Les anges nous gardent
sain et sauf dans la nuit
Elles nous gardent, elles nous guident,
elles nous aiment toute nos vies

aout 2007

Dédié pour mes deux petits anges, Calèbe et Arielle.
Maman vous aime beaucoup!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two Souls

Two souls come as one
to bond and love
two perfect little angels

Angels that uplift these souls
to care and raise
angels of ethereal worlds

Worlds that came together
chose each other purposely
worlds teaching and nurturing

Nurturing the spiritual growth
of their intertwined paths
nurturing angels within two souls

December 2006

Dedicated to my children, my perfect little angels and souls Calèbe & Arielle.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gaze of Love

Beautiful lashes; the gaze of love
Twin souls unite in purity's mind

Bonds connected; energy ignites
Magical beings bring clarity of sight

Laughter of children; innocence remembered
New beginnings taught within the gaze of love

December 2006

Dedicated to my children: Calèbe and Arielle

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Felt Your Presence

I woke up one morning
and felt your presence
You are my blessing
of pure essence!

Looking through your eyes
purity of the soul
You are my treasure wise
a spirits gift to hold!

Grateful I am today
beauty is your heart
Love is here to stay
For light and hope is our start!

December 2006

Dedicated to my daughter Arielle.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Majestic Peacok

Mating Rituals at its finest

Assiniboine Park Zoo
Winnipeg MB
June 11, 2011

Breath of A Shattered Soul

Surrounded by sweet sounding deception
Lies caught in worded session
Hatred, anger, hurt and disgust
Admissions of misguided trust

Stabbing pains, bewildered heart
Closure needed for a new start

Sneaking suspicions open old wounds
Characters cheated of honesty too soon
Sorry's galore can never replace
Dreams thwarted in one embrace

Alas, these feelings must be heard
No heated moments in absurd word

Grieve the loss but remember the journey
Mercy is needed on this cursed memory

Forgiveness the breath of a shattered soul
Remembering, awakening to feel whole

November 25, 2006

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Love You Like...

I love you like
the sun rising at
the edge of the prairies
to meet and finally
rise above the mountain

I love you like
the crisp coolness of
the south wind whispering
calming soothing words to
revive my searching

I love you like
no other being could ever
love another; such is the
way and nature of love
when you find the half which
completes you.

November 14, 2005

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Soul

A soul craves tenderness from the heart
Touch of devoted everlasting love
Laughter the spark of divine honesty and trust
Faith the conviction of truthful emotions
Kisses of passionate embraces of enlightened sight

A soul needs lasting compassion from it's partner
Caresses of sparked creativity in entwined journeys
Delicate words of expressed affection
Intuitive sense of purposeful joined efforts
Soothing comfort of supportive endeavored paths

A soul searches destined for unity from life
Clarity of experienced vision illuminating the way
Miraculous feelings desired of treasured company
Patience enveloped beings of serene mystical force
Captivating moments of enchanted unconditional love

July 16 2005

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Through the Wreckage

Through the Wreckage
Riverton, MB
May 2011

Mon Petit Calèbe

Do... Do...
Mon petit Calèbe
Do... Do...
Mon Moineau
Tu es le plus grand
Cadeau à maman
Do... Do...
Calèbe fait do do

Do... Do...
Mon petit Calèbe
Do... Do...
Mon Moineau
Ecoute à ton coeur
Tu sauras le bonheur
Do... Do...
Calèbe fait do do

Do... Do...
Mon petit Calèbe
Do... Do...
Mon Moineau
Tue es le plus grand
Cadeau à maman
Do... Do...
Calèbe fait do do

avril 2005

Je dédie cette berceuse pour mon fils Calèbe.

Dedicated for my son Calèbe's lullaby

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Miracle

A miracle was bestowed upon me
My witness, my likeness for the world to see
A seed of love was planted that special day
My gift, my treasure to watch grow, laugh and play

An angelic smile was engraved within my soul
My happiness, my tenderness makes me feel whole
A precious being brought into life within my care
My heart, my light to which nothing can compare

A miracle was bestowed upon me...

April 2005

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Duality of Existence Merges

Today enters a new beginning of enlightenment
Charged, surging forward upon a new brightness
Within creativity of destined adventures
To which reality is left to be explored
Greatness of hallowed capacity to whom
Ratios have entered new levels of comprehension
Towards the serenity which exists fully
Within our centers of identified selves

Expectations no longer the need as truths
Follow unpredictable paths of divine wisdom
Creating a sense of peaceful release resumed
Upon the contemplation of ones united being
Conceive the realities of adventuristic views
Journey broadens visions of unknown surges
Within the glance of imagination a treasure
Unfolds for the greater understanding
As the duality of existence merges
Unified to the potential of ones loving soul

August 30 2004

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Journey of Fated Wonderment

A journey of fated wonderment excites the intrigued soul

opened amazement joins a wanderlust of events
Harbored jests made in haste dissolve
As the one contentment shines forth within the dark

A journey of fated wonderment entices the intrigued soul

Organized efforts bestow upon conflicting desires
Stirred passions abound within conceived enchantment
Cynical aridity of truths be-known caresses beyond limitations

A journey of fated wonderment entices the intrigued soul

Humbled clarity of joint vision evolved in time
Beautiful aspirations continue beyond our dream
Lovers restlessness awaits the dawning of melded hearts

A journey of fated wonderment entices the intrigued soul

January 26 2004

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Immeasurable to the Distance

Mesmerized in a transcended state of euphoria
Achievement of contentedness reaches beyond explanations
Temptation's call persists within the voice of subdued verses
Tantalizing feats grow immeasurable to the distance
Honored promises fulfilled touch the depths of one's heart
Enigmatic smiles beget the whim of the comforted soul
Welcomed passion surrender the silenced truths of one's being
Virtuous efforts humbles imaginations of strengthened unity
Ominous enchantment smiles upon the meetings of blissful beauty

January 16 2004

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Through the Grasses of Time

Manitoba Prairies
May 2011

Mirrored Intrigue

To gaze within the eyes of a humorous nature
Begets a stir within the quintessential being of laughter
Captivated, captured held by a whim
Careening thoughts of chanced meetings with him

Illuminated smile entices the senses within the deep
Souls connection dreams linger beyond restful sleep

Ah, respectful understanding of journeys foretold
Unequaled in amazement for one so bold
Mirrored intrigue builds anticipated jests
Marveled words delight to endure this quest

December 15 2003

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sensually delectable feats inspire a
stirring deep within
Uniquely embedded smiles illuminates
the core essence of fated kismet
Gracious overtures of swooning passions
meet inspired states collided
Admiration abounds to submissive
endeavors of lusted surges beheld
Radiant pulses aspire magnetic glances
within the eyes of a captors intent

December 15 2003

Monday, May 23, 2011

Unconditionally Yours

Indescribable feats lie within the strength of your joined journeys

Luscious depictions of insightful energy flow to the connected souls
Overjoyed in heartfelt welcome of compassionate companions
Varied emotions concoct spell binding themes of one's daydreams
Enticed gestures sparkle in anticipated gazes beyond wonderment

Yes, the comforts of one's presence outlasts distance and time
Openness to truths blinded by fears existence is overturned by
reciprocated affections
Unconditionally yours for all eternity the key of love prevails within
the strength of our connection

November 18 2003

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deemed Perfection

Transcended beyond limitations one meets a destined path
Hovering alongside a mystical depth inexplicable of time
Omnificent being begets the soul of my keepers heart

Mindful thoughts forge through the silenced disposition
Averted means of conduct quiver the skin of desire
Sanctioned trust diversifies all logical decrees of stated passion

Deemed perfection is a state of peaceful serenity within the heart of one's love!

November 13 2003

Within the Warmth of Your...

As the first snow falls and everything is blanketed in white
Time becomes as a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your arms

As the wind blows strong and winter becomes apparent
Time becomes a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your embrace

As the temperature drops and the streets ice over
Time becomes a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your touch

As the season changes to cold and I await the tenderness of you
Time becomes a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your presence

October 27 2003

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grindstone, MB
April 2011


Dimpled smile radiates from within
Sparkled glint shimmers in your eyes
Weakened sensations slowly drawn to your magnetism
Captured essence beginning with your touch
Deepened connection that I've never felt
Awakened instance contentment in my heart

October 21 2003

I Had A Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night
You took me in your arms
and held me tight
You gently drew me in
and embraced my tender skin

I had a dream last night
You took me in your arms
and we kissed with delight
You whispered softly in my ear
and I knew it is you my dear

I had a dream last night
You took me in your arms
and we were out of sight
You captured my willing heart
and I knew we'd never part

October 20 2003

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blossomed Journey

To walk hand in hand amidst this blossomed journey,
Honest contentment reflects that of my souls desire.
Overjoyed in boundless beauty of infectious smiles,
Modesty strives to find its captor's keeper.
Amicable banter forges the way ahead of this story,
Sophisticated laughter blushes the cheeks of distant hearts.

October 15 2003

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Silence Captivates

Tantalizing expectations abound
Harbored energies are found
Organized efforts pointing the way
Magnificent wholeness wanting to stay
Assurance blooming from afar
Surrendered peace within a star

Mirrored sensations beget the soul
Aspiring dreams beyond control

Lifetime lessons surfacing within
Lavishly exploring loneliness broken
Ardent fervor serene in thought
Blessed emotional stability sought
Expressive joys surmounting this fall
Reassured silence captivates them all

October 10 2003

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still Standing

Still Standing
Gimli, MB
April 2011

Distant Spark

Anticipation awaits the awakened soul
Fantasies captured beyond control
Excitement begets the courageous quest
Boundless energies passing the test

Doubts forgotten a glimpse within this instance
Leaps surrounded within a distance

Candied gestures surmounting this one
Truths divinity surges have begun
Lavishly lingering days have no end
Heartfelt emotions need not to defend

Softly spoken stirs a distant spark
Trust a quote the best remark

Tender gaze compulsion has driven
Accepting a gift to which he is given
Alluring demeanor leaves me defenseless
Captivated moments left breathless

September 30 2003

Monday, May 9, 2011

Alluring Blues

A sparkled descent from the stargazed soul
Inspired affinity from truths unknown
Perspective gained in this infamous glimpse
Brings shivers to the hearts content
Mystical glance bewilders the senses
Captured essences of blissful truth
Alluring blues look deep within
Smiles loom where it begins

September 22 2003

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now and Forever

My love for you grows with every
minute of every passing day.
Your compassion, tenderness and
joyful nature intrigue me to no end.
Your genuine smile, caring eyes and passionate
embrace lure me to succumb to your charm.
Ah... How satisfying it is to have someone
truly unique that inspires on a whim.
Selflessly advising, comforting or listening
to the depths of unheard secrets that are held.
The smallest things that mean the most
are cherished forever within my soul.
Upon meeting you, I knew the greatness
which exists a glimpse of your inner being.
Over the course of the years that have passed
I grow fonder of the awareness that you bring.
My heart truly beats strongly in your direction
for all the wondrous beauty which you represent!
I can truly say that I respect what we have
when we're together.
I hold the memory of it when we're apart.
My love for you grows with every minute
of every passing day... Now and forever!

June 17 2003

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Respecting the Fragility

Omnificent presence entrances my being
Respecting the fragility upon believing
Luring eyes intrigue the mind
Advising gestures so kind
Numbing senses suddenly awaken
Devouring essences so breathtaking
Opulent smile draws me nearer
Brilliance entrusts forever
Romantic endeavors bring great pleasure
Appreciating this gift, this treasure
Unanimously joined in blessed soul
Needs received in sumptuous control

June 16, 2003

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lighting the Way

Like the sun lighting the way
Or the moon alighting the sky
My heart leads me with every beat
To the one who enchants my soul

June 16 2003

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Faces In Nature

Grindstone MB
April 24 2011

With an Open Heart

I stand before you with an open heart that
overflows with love.

I take a step into the unknown yet worry not
as I step with you.
Together we are strong!

I stand before you with an open heart that
overflows with love.

I look deep within your eyes and am inspired
at a glimpse of our souls merging
To become ONE!

I stand before you with an open heart that
overflows with love.

I promise to comfort and be comforted
To respect and be respected
To cherish and be cherished

I stand before you with an open heart that
overflows with love.

I promise to be patient and have patience
To be kind and have kindness
To honor and be honored

I stand before you with an open heart that
overflows with love.

I promise to love and be loved for all
The days of my life.
For all eternity

I stand before you with an open heart that
overflows with love.

I am not only your friend or your love
I am the half that becomes whole
Complete upon first we meet

I stand before you with an open heart that
overflows with love.

June 12 2003

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Within Grasp, Within Reach

Courageous eyes defeats all questions
Unmasking barriers of doubt...
A quiver's respect within grasp

Infectious smiles defies all logic
Momentary glimpse of perfection...
A heart's contentment within reach

May 23 2003

New Perceptions

Orbs colliding in the universal night
Radiant, expressions shine in delight
Lavishly admired from a distant sight

Amorous, intentions give new perceptions

Nebulas gathering becoming as one
Dancing, reaching out towards the sun
Overjoyed sensations form what had begun

May 23 2003

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Golden Angel

Stunned, by a beauty that seems surreal
I watched astonished at one so mystical
Focused, engraving every detail in depth
I'm engulfed in another moments bliss
Glancing, through caring eyes of Magic
I'm compelled, drawn to this magnetism

Entranced, by the smile, a keeper of secrets
I hold the images that flood my mind
Captivated, breathlessly drawn to his embrace
I'm completely lost within a sea of passion
Fixated, the pulses quicken to new-found discovery
I'm exhilarated by unleashed sensations

Awakened, by the sparkle of his eyes
I breathe contently in amazement
Blurred, within a dawning of completion
I'm comforted to the sounds of his heart
Seeing, vision tingles dormant words away
I'm held safely within the arms of my Golden Angel

May 16 2003

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Engulfed in magnificent bliss, between strength and softness,
One's depth is immeasurable to the affinity,
Which represses no longer the luring of the dawn.

Coy misdemeanor attract the finest, specimens of time and space,
One's imagination races to the crave of intense pleasures,
Which yield to the precipice of touchless thought.

March 25, 2003

One Voice Emits

One voice emits the sounds of light...
Colored, textured with infinite possibilities!
Nervously outspoken to truths be known...
Crisp, clear with creative endeavors!
Soft whispers guiding clarity of thought...
Luscious, gleaming with sweet serenity!

December 19, 2002

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Thawed Prairie Sunset

Spring Thawed Prairie Sunset
St Andrews, MB
April 2011

The Obstacle Exists No More

One life completes another,
Without regret and without faults...
The obstacle exists no more!

One gesture of friendship felt,
Movements of forces established...
The obstacle exists no more!

One soul rejoins its flame,
Ceasing and staying together...
The obstacle exists no more!

One heart keeps itself open,
The image has become clear...
The obstacle exists no more!

November 15, 2002

This is the translated version of L'obstacle n'existe plus!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

L'obstacle n'existe plus

Une vie complète une autre,
Sans regrets et sans fautes...
L'obstacle n'existe plus!

Un geste d'amitié ressenti,
Mouvements de forces établis...
L'obstacle n'existe plus!

Un âme rejoint sa flame,
Saisir et rester ensemble...
L'ostacle n'existe plus!

Un coeur se tient ouvert,
L'image est devenue clair...
L'obstacle n'existe plus!

15 novembre 2002

Thursday, April 7, 2011

That Which Represents My Love

Lost in a dreamlike state, where reality and
illusion are hard to distinguish, my love
grows fonder with every second that passes.

Overjoyed in profound amusement, when light
meets dark and all is new again, my heart
beats faster and grows with intense passion

Vexed in ecstatic euphoria, where secrets
unfold in sweet verse, my gaze deepens into
the eyes of the soul of the one which
captivates my being.

Engulfed in magnificent bliss, when laughter
succumbs a smile, my senses heighten the
very pleasures of which I deny myself no

I am that which represents my love!

November 7, 2002

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soothe Beyond One's Depth

Angelic lids softly awake from a dreamy state
A smile, a deliberate rise in emotional rate
Mere words, whispers of unheard breath
The key, to soothe beyond one's depth

Completely engulfed in passionate arms
Calmly sets foot in graceful charms
Pressed closely, fears set aside
Open one glimpse of truths confide

Angelic lids softly awake from a dreamy state
A smile, a deliberate rise in emotional rate
Mere words, whispers of unheard breath
The key, to soothe beyond one's depth

Silently listen, two hearts become one
Embrace the moment for it has begun
Luminous wonders fill the crisp air
Home apparent of a simple dare

Angelic lids softly awake from a dreamy state
A smile, a deliberate rise in emotional rate
Mere words, whispers of unheard breath
The key, to soothe beyond one's depth

Choose with honor, pure intent simplified
Enigmatic charisma captivated, senses mystified
Wholehearted observations recuperate the soul
Willed determination an assertive benevolent role

Angelic lids softly awake from a dreamy state
A smile, a deliberate rise in emotional rate
Mere words, whispers of unheard breath
The key, to soothe beyond one's depth

October 29 2002

Chilling Out & Springtime Thaw

Chilling Out
Winnipeg MB
April 2 2011

Springtime Thaw
Winnipeg MB
April 2 2011

Gently Glistening

Secrets bewilder the unset mind
Entranced thoughts hard to find
Answers of lost memories immerse
Now my truth's passion, my verse
Heeded warnings of traps that were set
Averted waters seek to be met

Meaningful stories stir the heart
Insight, a life can finally start
Legendary deeds captivate the scene
Treasured moments befits a queen
Omnificent desires molding a beginning
Nature's pride gently glistening

October 23, 2002

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journey Sought

Sensuous impressions made of days yet to be explored
Exuding strength, will and desire for the soul to soar
Anticipated moments careen through the mind
Nestled, comforts of truth immeasurably kind

Honorable, motives that abound
Amiable, hearing a heart's true sound
Merciful, the angst dissipates and clears the skies
Intimate gaze, a fate, profound within the eyes

Loving memories leave not this place
Tears of joy, a smile becomes this face
Onward, the journey sought within is foretold
Numerous wonders, secrets shared unfold

October 23, 2002

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whispers Across the Breeze

Whispers of sweet serenity glide across the breeze,
Just a swift touch moves me with ease.
Shy misdemeanor captivates the eye,
Entranced magnetism closely standing by.
Coy smile sweeps breathless words away,
Anticipated moments await a new-found day.
Picturesque memories be-still a worried thought,
Open ones heart to possibilities not forgot.
Held strengths require capabilities foretold,
Rested greatness for one so bold.
Softness caresses straight to the soul,
Enlightened perspective meant to feel whole.
Warm gaze from a distant truth unknown,
Complete pieces otherwise stood alone.
Festive laughter overjoyed with care,
Meaningful signs a tempting dare.
Whispers of sweet serenity glide across the breeze,
A swift touch moves me with great ease.

October 2002

25 yrs Toast & prayer

This is a marriage toast that I created so that my mother could read for my aunts twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I also included a prayer before the dinner as my grandmother is highly religious. A bit rough around the edges but written none-the-less.

Wedding Toast

Twenty-five years ago today, two hearts became one in a blessed union. Moments passed that memories will hold true as their love and souls are united in strength and grace. We celebrate this occasion in light that there will be many more treasured days to come. Perhaps the best gift in life is that of two people committed to each others company. Raise your glasses high as we honor twenty-five years in the making!

October 2002


We thank the Lord for this blessed day
As we celebrate this graceful twenty-fifth anniversary
Bless the food and drink and all who are gathered here today.
In God's name Amen

October 2002

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rise above like the sun!

Today the sun is brighter and seems to shine on your every being! Embrace the dawn as a new day has begun to wipe away your past. The breaking day has yet to set imprints within the soul to be connected throughout eternities gracious being of the wondrous sight that is the true beauty of the omnificent plan that is created before us! Rise above like the sun and truly let yourself shine so that others can appreciate your true beauty!

September 27, 2002

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Contentment's Device

Surprises stir amidst the darkest room
Budded core ignites this precious bloom
Surrendered passion evolves the night
Simplistic pleasures brought true delight

Gifted glory, a glimpse of paradise
Mission to succumb contentment's device

Mysterious presence appeases the mind
Unspoken truths searches to find
Bewildered expression with recognized release
Accepting events gracious with peace

June 2001
Pour une éternitée l'union de paradis inconnues
Sublime et soumise une tragédie sous entendue
Mariage d'esprit une voix, une vie détruite
Sans conscience battue et un controle prend suite

mai 2001

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Untold Dreams Unleashed

Searches blinded by old perceptions
Truths contentment accepting attentions
Glancing up a rescued smile ahead
Wrapped stability strengths gained instead
Laughter's silence grows no more
Anticipated respect buds this core
Key concepts ruling intercepted waves
Dreams untold unleashed this craze
Skilled manoeuvres blessed with grace
Mimicked response making the pace
Attracted forces regrouping all thought
Cherished memories cannot be bought
Chorus of sincerity established in mind
Purity's fate trustingly kind
Honesty truly begets a hardened soul
Craving comforts bliss beyond control
Tested virtues sparks the start
Fiery desires compelling this heart

April 2001

Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Guided

Self-assurance surpasses them all
Without judgment you make the call
Importance in connected self-worth
True contentment impressions unearthed
Strength of will compelling the soul
Blind indecision losing all control
Purity of untouched bliss
Respect steals not this kiss
Paradise a glimpse in the eye
Boundless energy succeeds the sky
Infinite warmth caresses the heart
Enigmatic bond forges the start
Confused intuitions due to the past
Prides chance willed at last
Smiles growing upon this face
Untainted visions full of grace
Brave attempts unblocking the mind
Reassured presence symbolically kind
Gentle serenity searches fulfilled
Unforgotten impressions be-stilled
Look within this inner beauty
Truths perceptions found infinity

February 12 2001

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning to Live Again

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Opening up your heart
Wishing he could stay
Unknowing thoughts evade
With tears of grief colliding

Unspoken desires of fate
Breaking all the rules
Fighting to keep sane
The virtues brought afoot

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Disasters slowly erupt
Depression cannot win
Search of self begins
Fleeing from my thoughts

Distances with time enlight
Gaining a little strength
Fires of rage ignite
Hope clings with fear

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Wanting things to hide
Comes from deep within
Smiling to please my friends
Eases not my peace of mind

Missing him with all my soul
A piece of hope remains
Painful undercurrents stirs
A glimpse of eluded happiness

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Shred of dignity still remain
A broken heart might heal
Keeping faith within a friendship
Knowing I love him still

Precious moments kept at bay
Cherished memories I'll always keep
May every day give me strength
Hopeful, I must survive

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Learning to live again
Wouldn't seem so hard
Learning to live again
With myself for me to love

December 26 2000

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes
and lay down to rest
I see your face
with a deep pain in my chest
I lay awake
and wonder why
So many questions
tormenting my thoughts

When I close my eyes
and remember precious moments
I can't understand
the underlying undercurrents
I am wounded
on a deeper sense
Without confidence
I enter despair

When I close my eyes
and shed my tears
I hold some hope
with very many fears
I am surrounded
and worrisome of what's to come
Holding on to something
I know is worth fighting for

December 2000

Blink of an Eye

To look through inspired eyes
And to gaze upon luscious lips
Truths contentment tells no lies
With soothing touch of fingertips

Caresses sweep across this faze
Softly swooning within a distance
Completely thrown into a daze
Senses awakened in an instance

Entangled spirits intertwined
Slowly searching for something true
Exquisite notions can be sublime
Trails lead to experiences new

Smiles stretch across this face
Doubtful mind put at great ease
Hearts true contentment in this place
One thought left, aim to please

Gentle soul, soothed with softest touch
Depths of respect can no longer deny
Strengthened desires persuades as such
Perfection is found within a blink of an eye


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Whole Your Only

I am your whole
I am your only

And when I look into your eyes
I see your hopes, your dreams,
your wishes that make me
think of you

I am your whole
I am your only

You are the sun, the stars, the sky
that light up my life
You hold my heart within a gaze
My life's completion is you

Your loving arms wrapped around me
I am your whole
I am your only

June 2000

Awkwardly Stumbling

Struggling to fight
the feelings that dwell inside
Keep me awake at night
with emotions trying to hide
My fears of loneliness
might drive you far away
Shaking with nervousness
never knowing what to say
Courage stumbles awkwardly
shying the bold and strong
Soul pouring out to you
stories of the past
Desires of something true
hoping they will last
You bring out
the best in me
Without any doubt
things we can't always see
My heart pounds
to keep a steady beat
Yours with all sounds
you've on with no defeat

June 2000

Oh My Wondrous Sunflower

Oh my wondrous sunflower
How much you have grown
Your spirit is greater now
With a brightness that is shown

From a teeny tiny seed
You've blossomed with grace
Capturing every moment
Keeping a steady pace

Depicting one's emotions
You've taken center stage
A contagious grin forms
Within this curious age

Electrifying colors
You need not stand alone
Entrancing all admirers
With an enticing tone

Oh what enchanted light
My wondrous sunflower brings
To the chosen few
This beauty surely sings

December 1999

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh My Little Butterfly

Oh my little butterfly
coming out of her cocoon
You've blossomed & grew up so fast
perhaps way too soon

Full of joy and life
you spread your love around
Bringing smiles to every face
Laughter fills the silenced sound

Spreading your little wings
flying very high
Such a beautiful sight
to all passers by

Anticipation to catch a glimpse
children scurry fast
Hands wildly opened
Butterfly Cluster hopefully catching you at last
Grindstone MB
2007 Oh what a lovely prize
my little butterfly will be
Only to the lucky one
who'll love you endlessly

December 1999

First Snowfall's Anticipation

Tiny particles forming high
Falling slowly from the sky
Taking shapes in all sizes
Clearing thoughts of demise

White speckles gliding freely
Covers all ever sweetly
Glistening silence surrounds us all
Running frantic through the hall

Grab your coat! shouts a voice
You're outside with this choice
Heartbeats pound once you're there
Undaunted cold you can bear

Falling backwards on the ground
With a thump makes this sound
Flailing arms with sweet embrace
Angels form within this place

Looking back to this glorious day
When the snow has come from far away
Children danced and played till night
Through these eyes what sweet delight

November 30 1999

"Though I've walked many roads throughout my life,
no path was determined without strife."

3rd Ave
Smithers, BC

The Truths Soul Reflecting

Entranced by the softest smile
that engulfs the being
Imagining possibilities all the while
clarified magnetism beginning
Sweetness existing within the eyes
that be-stills the very core
Brightening the gloomiest skies
feelings that can't ignore
Closeness begets the purest soul
that forges through eternity
Making emotions feel so whole
brought forth by opportunity
Bewildered imaginings of the mind
unruly but so wise
Compelled to hearts of the kind
blissful with compromise
Wishful thoughts of the subconscious
surfaces to the opened
Masking all the contemptuous
times that mark no end
Creating new endeavors
with more understanding
Plays the rights of simple treasures
The truths soul reflecting

November 1 1999
Circumstances keep 'em apart
Stirring feelings from the heart

Binded through an eternal soul
Bleeds grief beyond control

Tortured mind bewilders all
Wondered expressions make the call

Magnetic being draws them in
It's up to fate to let it begin

Soaring through life's big journey
Corrupted with pain and agony

Seeking truth beyond the surface
Unruly acts that are quite selfless

Quiet longing from a distance
Bringing hopeful twists in reminiscence

Images flooding a budding core
Fearing things that are in store

Burning desires locked away
Knowing not to this day

Wanting to know if there is a chance
Afraid to look within this glance

Surges of insight within the mind
Powerful emotions make 'em blind

Intellectual stimulation entrances the spirit
Unwilling to live without it

Pursuit of knowledge for stability
Follows them throughout infinity

Matches made with strength and grace
Something loneliness just can't replace

June 15 1999
Awakened sensations unsuppressed at last
Happiness fills the inner void
Corrupted pains finally left in the past
Growing strength of spirit no longer destroyed

Smiles stretch across this face
Doubtful mind put at great ease
Hearts true contentment in this place
One thought left, aim to please

Perfection found in a blink of an eye
Gentle soul caressed by soft touch
Depths of respect can no longer deny
This one I've wanted so much