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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh My Little Butterfly

Oh my little butterfly
coming out of her cocoon
You've blossomed & grew up so fast
perhaps way too soon

Full of joy and life
you spread your love around
Bringing smiles to every face
Laughter fills the silenced sound

Spreading your little wings
flying very high
Such a beautiful sight
to all passers by

Anticipation to catch a glimpse
children scurry fast
Hands wildly opened
Butterfly Cluster hopefully catching you at last
Grindstone MB
2007 Oh what a lovely prize
my little butterfly will be
Only to the lucky one
who'll love you endlessly

December 1999

First Snowfall's Anticipation

Tiny particles forming high
Falling slowly from the sky
Taking shapes in all sizes
Clearing thoughts of demise

White speckles gliding freely
Covers all ever sweetly
Glistening silence surrounds us all
Running frantic through the hall

Grab your coat! shouts a voice
You're outside with this choice
Heartbeats pound once you're there
Undaunted cold you can bear

Falling backwards on the ground
With a thump makes this sound
Flailing arms with sweet embrace
Angels form within this place

Looking back to this glorious day
When the snow has come from far away
Children danced and played till night
Through these eyes what sweet delight

November 30 1999

"Though I've walked many roads throughout my life,
no path was determined without strife."

3rd Ave
Smithers, BC

The Truths Soul Reflecting

Entranced by the softest smile
that engulfs the being
Imagining possibilities all the while
clarified magnetism beginning
Sweetness existing within the eyes
that be-stills the very core
Brightening the gloomiest skies
feelings that can't ignore
Closeness begets the purest soul
that forges through eternity
Making emotions feel so whole
brought forth by opportunity
Bewildered imaginings of the mind
unruly but so wise
Compelled to hearts of the kind
blissful with compromise
Wishful thoughts of the subconscious
surfaces to the opened
Masking all the contemptuous
times that mark no end
Creating new endeavors
with more understanding
Plays the rights of simple treasures
The truths soul reflecting

November 1 1999
Circumstances keep 'em apart
Stirring feelings from the heart

Binded through an eternal soul
Bleeds grief beyond control

Tortured mind bewilders all
Wondered expressions make the call

Magnetic being draws them in
It's up to fate to let it begin

Soaring through life's big journey
Corrupted with pain and agony

Seeking truth beyond the surface
Unruly acts that are quite selfless

Quiet longing from a distance
Bringing hopeful twists in reminiscence

Images flooding a budding core
Fearing things that are in store

Burning desires locked away
Knowing not to this day

Wanting to know if there is a chance
Afraid to look within this glance

Surges of insight within the mind
Powerful emotions make 'em blind

Intellectual stimulation entrances the spirit
Unwilling to live without it

Pursuit of knowledge for stability
Follows them throughout infinity

Matches made with strength and grace
Something loneliness just can't replace

June 15 1999
Awakened sensations unsuppressed at last
Happiness fills the inner void
Corrupted pains finally left in the past
Growing strength of spirit no longer destroyed

Smiles stretch across this face
Doubtful mind put at great ease
Hearts true contentment in this place
One thought left, aim to please

Perfection found in a blink of an eye
Gentle soul caressed by soft touch
Depths of respect can no longer deny
This one I've wanted so much