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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Duality of Existence Merges

Today enters a new beginning of enlightenment
Charged, surging forward upon a new brightness
Within creativity of destined adventures
To which reality is left to be explored
Greatness of hallowed capacity to whom
Ratios have entered new levels of comprehension
Towards the serenity which exists fully
Within our centers of identified selves

Expectations no longer the need as truths
Follow unpredictable paths of divine wisdom
Creating a sense of peaceful release resumed
Upon the contemplation of ones united being
Conceive the realities of adventuristic views
Journey broadens visions of unknown surges
Within the glance of imagination a treasure
Unfolds for the greater understanding
As the duality of existence merges
Unified to the potential of ones loving soul

August 30 2004

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Journey of Fated Wonderment

A journey of fated wonderment excites the intrigued soul

opened amazement joins a wanderlust of events
Harbored jests made in haste dissolve
As the one contentment shines forth within the dark

A journey of fated wonderment entices the intrigued soul

Organized efforts bestow upon conflicting desires
Stirred passions abound within conceived enchantment
Cynical aridity of truths be-known caresses beyond limitations

A journey of fated wonderment entices the intrigued soul

Humbled clarity of joint vision evolved in time
Beautiful aspirations continue beyond our dream
Lovers restlessness awaits the dawning of melded hearts

A journey of fated wonderment entices the intrigued soul

January 26 2004

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Immeasurable to the Distance

Mesmerized in a transcended state of euphoria
Achievement of contentedness reaches beyond explanations
Temptation's call persists within the voice of subdued verses
Tantalizing feats grow immeasurable to the distance
Honored promises fulfilled touch the depths of one's heart
Enigmatic smiles beget the whim of the comforted soul
Welcomed passion surrender the silenced truths of one's being
Virtuous efforts humbles imaginations of strengthened unity
Ominous enchantment smiles upon the meetings of blissful beauty

January 16 2004

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Through the Grasses of Time

Manitoba Prairies
May 2011

Mirrored Intrigue

To gaze within the eyes of a humorous nature
Begets a stir within the quintessential being of laughter
Captivated, captured held by a whim
Careening thoughts of chanced meetings with him

Illuminated smile entices the senses within the deep
Souls connection dreams linger beyond restful sleep

Ah, respectful understanding of journeys foretold
Unequaled in amazement for one so bold
Mirrored intrigue builds anticipated jests
Marveled words delight to endure this quest

December 15 2003

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sensually delectable feats inspire a
stirring deep within
Uniquely embedded smiles illuminates
the core essence of fated kismet
Gracious overtures of swooning passions
meet inspired states collided
Admiration abounds to submissive
endeavors of lusted surges beheld
Radiant pulses aspire magnetic glances
within the eyes of a captors intent

December 15 2003

Monday, May 23, 2011

Unconditionally Yours

Indescribable feats lie within the strength of your joined journeys

Luscious depictions of insightful energy flow to the connected souls
Overjoyed in heartfelt welcome of compassionate companions
Varied emotions concoct spell binding themes of one's daydreams
Enticed gestures sparkle in anticipated gazes beyond wonderment

Yes, the comforts of one's presence outlasts distance and time
Openness to truths blinded by fears existence is overturned by
reciprocated affections
Unconditionally yours for all eternity the key of love prevails within
the strength of our connection

November 18 2003

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deemed Perfection

Transcended beyond limitations one meets a destined path
Hovering alongside a mystical depth inexplicable of time
Omnificent being begets the soul of my keepers heart

Mindful thoughts forge through the silenced disposition
Averted means of conduct quiver the skin of desire
Sanctioned trust diversifies all logical decrees of stated passion

Deemed perfection is a state of peaceful serenity within the heart of one's love!

November 13 2003

Within the Warmth of Your...

As the first snow falls and everything is blanketed in white
Time becomes as a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your arms

As the wind blows strong and winter becomes apparent
Time becomes a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your embrace

As the temperature drops and the streets ice over
Time becomes a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your touch

As the season changes to cold and I await the tenderness of you
Time becomes a standstill and I long to be within the
warmth of your presence

October 27 2003

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grindstone, MB
April 2011


Dimpled smile radiates from within
Sparkled glint shimmers in your eyes
Weakened sensations slowly drawn to your magnetism
Captured essence beginning with your touch
Deepened connection that I've never felt
Awakened instance contentment in my heart

October 21 2003

I Had A Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night
You took me in your arms
and held me tight
You gently drew me in
and embraced my tender skin

I had a dream last night
You took me in your arms
and we kissed with delight
You whispered softly in my ear
and I knew it is you my dear

I had a dream last night
You took me in your arms
and we were out of sight
You captured my willing heart
and I knew we'd never part

October 20 2003

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blossomed Journey

To walk hand in hand amidst this blossomed journey,
Honest contentment reflects that of my souls desire.
Overjoyed in boundless beauty of infectious smiles,
Modesty strives to find its captor's keeper.
Amicable banter forges the way ahead of this story,
Sophisticated laughter blushes the cheeks of distant hearts.

October 15 2003

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Silence Captivates

Tantalizing expectations abound
Harbored energies are found
Organized efforts pointing the way
Magnificent wholeness wanting to stay
Assurance blooming from afar
Surrendered peace within a star

Mirrored sensations beget the soul
Aspiring dreams beyond control

Lifetime lessons surfacing within
Lavishly exploring loneliness broken
Ardent fervor serene in thought
Blessed emotional stability sought
Expressive joys surmounting this fall
Reassured silence captivates them all

October 10 2003

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still Standing

Still Standing
Gimli, MB
April 2011

Distant Spark

Anticipation awaits the awakened soul
Fantasies captured beyond control
Excitement begets the courageous quest
Boundless energies passing the test

Doubts forgotten a glimpse within this instance
Leaps surrounded within a distance

Candied gestures surmounting this one
Truths divinity surges have begun
Lavishly lingering days have no end
Heartfelt emotions need not to defend

Softly spoken stirs a distant spark
Trust a quote the best remark

Tender gaze compulsion has driven
Accepting a gift to which he is given
Alluring demeanor leaves me defenseless
Captivated moments left breathless

September 30 2003

Monday, May 9, 2011

Alluring Blues

A sparkled descent from the stargazed soul
Inspired affinity from truths unknown
Perspective gained in this infamous glimpse
Brings shivers to the hearts content
Mystical glance bewilders the senses
Captured essences of blissful truth
Alluring blues look deep within
Smiles loom where it begins

September 22 2003

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now and Forever

My love for you grows with every
minute of every passing day.
Your compassion, tenderness and
joyful nature intrigue me to no end.
Your genuine smile, caring eyes and passionate
embrace lure me to succumb to your charm.
Ah... How satisfying it is to have someone
truly unique that inspires on a whim.
Selflessly advising, comforting or listening
to the depths of unheard secrets that are held.
The smallest things that mean the most
are cherished forever within my soul.
Upon meeting you, I knew the greatness
which exists a glimpse of your inner being.
Over the course of the years that have passed
I grow fonder of the awareness that you bring.
My heart truly beats strongly in your direction
for all the wondrous beauty which you represent!
I can truly say that I respect what we have
when we're together.
I hold the memory of it when we're apart.
My love for you grows with every minute
of every passing day... Now and forever!

June 17 2003

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Respecting the Fragility

Omnificent presence entrances my being
Respecting the fragility upon believing
Luring eyes intrigue the mind
Advising gestures so kind
Numbing senses suddenly awaken
Devouring essences so breathtaking
Opulent smile draws me nearer
Brilliance entrusts forever
Romantic endeavors bring great pleasure
Appreciating this gift, this treasure
Unanimously joined in blessed soul
Needs received in sumptuous control

June 16, 2003

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lighting the Way

Like the sun lighting the way
Or the moon alighting the sky
My heart leads me with every beat
To the one who enchants my soul

June 16 2003